Multidisciplinary Treatment and Referral Team

Every individual who has experienced trafficking is unique and will require a different mix of services. In addition to creating partnerships with public health professionals, community-based organizations, and survivors, your multidisciplinary treatment and referral process should also include health care, legal aid, law enforcement, behavioral health, and social services. 

By building a comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment and referral team, you can work together to meet the various needs of an individual experiencing trafficking and their family members. Here are examples of immediate, medium-term, and long-term needs:
Emergency needs:

  • Safety
  • Medical care, including mental health care
  • Shelter
  • Legal assistance 
  • Treatment for substance use

Medium-term needs:

  • Ongoing medical care, including mental health care and treatment for substance use
  • Transportation to service appointments
  • Access to systemic services

Long-term needs:

  • Therapeutic counseling
  • Legal aid
  • Ongoing mental and medical health care to address the effects of long-term trauma

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