Survivor Leaders

Survivor engagement allows organizations to better serve individuals, craft programs, identify challenges and opportunities, and achieve agency missions and mandates. As a primary stakeholder in the anti-trafficking field, survivor leaders offer invaluable insight and expertise. Anti-trafficking efforts can only be successful with comprehensive inclusion of diverse professionals, including survivor leaders. It offers insight into the anti-trafficking field that, through application, adaptation, and validation, will contribute to the development of evidence-based practices. Consider ways that your organization can collaborate with professionals who have a history of human trafficking to further inform your response.

Regularly include survivor leaders in your organization's work, including:

  • Informing mission, vision, and culture
  • Approaching program development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Building referral networks and partnerships
  • Conducting outreach and awareness-raising activities
  • Developing fundraising strategies
  • Providing human resource and staffing development

Survivor leaders have subject matter expertise and should be compensated in the same way organizations compensate any other professional.

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