Existing Efforts to Combat Trafficking

Trafficking occurs in all communities, cities, and states. For information about existing efforts to combat trafficking, available data, and potential partners in building a multidisciplinary response in your state or region, see the resources below. 

State and Territory Factsheets

State and Territory Factsheets include information specific to trafficking incidents where you live and work, available in English and Spanish.

The National Hotline Referral Directory

The National Hotline Referral Directory is made up of anti-trafficking organizations and programs that offer emergency, transitional, or long-term services to victims and survivors of human trafficking, as well as those that provide resources and opportunities in the anti-trafficking field.

The Human Trafficking Grantee Map

The Human Trafficking Grantee Map highlights grantees funded by the Office of Trafficking in Persons, the Children's Bureau, and the Department of Justice's Office for Victims of Crime nationwide.

For even more information, check out our additional resources and the full Resource Library




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