SOAR for Communities

What Are Professionals Saying About This Training?

I will work within my organization to help identify and help victims of human trafficking.

Do you wonder how to bring diverse members of your community together to most effectively respond to human trafficking? SOAR for Communities is designed to teach communities how to build a comprehensive and multidisciplinary network that can identify and respond to trafficking with the public health approach. Through this interactive 1-1/2 to 2-day strategic planning training, communities will explore how to:  

  • Apply the SOAR framework to identify community needs in developing a multidisciplinary public health response to human trafficking 

  • Evaluate the community’s current response to human trafficking and identify strengths and areas for improvement 

  • Use a public health approach to develop an action plan to expand the current community response to human trafficking 

The program is being piloted in both English and Spanish. Email NHTTAC or call 844-648-8822 to speak with a NHTTAC Specialist at our Customer Support Center for more information about how your community can request SOAR for Communities.


SOAR for Communities Pilot en Español, McAllen, Texas
SOAR for Communities Pilot en Español, McAllen, Texas
SOAR TOT March 2019
SOAR for Communities Training of Trainers, Denver, Colorado