SOAR for Organizations

What Are Organizations Saying About This Training?

“I am grateful for an opportunity to listen and learn in the presence of and with the guidance of the experts.”

Is your organization equipped to respond to the needs of patients, clients, and their families who are at high risk for or have experienced human trafficking?

We offer training that can help your organization develop an action plan unique to your circumstances.

In this interactive training, your team will create an action plan to:

  • Find opportunities for strengthening responses to trafficking 
  • Empower staff to identify and respond to trafficking 
  • Develop response protocols and resources to meet the needs of those who have experienced trafficking
  • Partner with community stakeholders as part of a holistic approach to assist survivors and prevent human trafficking
  • Gather and analyze data to improve your programs and policies 

After the training, your team will receive free follow-up coaching for up to 6 months from expert NHTTAC consultants to help you put your plan into action. They can help facilitate stakeholder calls virtually, identify resources that can complement your action plan, peer review documentation and protocols and much more.

Training Results

After completing NHTTAC training:

  • 91.7% integrated victim-centered, survivor-informed strategies into their organization
  • 81.8% advocated or met with leadership of their organization to develop or enact policy changes at their organization
  • 68.2% improved identification and reporting methods for trafficking

How to Get Started

Email NHTTAC or call our Customer Support Center at 844-648-8822 to learn more about participating in a SOAR for Organizations pilot training session.


SOAR for Organizations was developed in partnership with HEAL Trafficking and CommonSpirit. These partners have expertise in health care, lived experience, adult learning, and organizational change that helped create a dynamic and engaging training. The American Hospital Association played a key role in marketing the SOAR for Organizations pilots and recruiting their members to participate in the trainings.