Survivor Involvement

Survivor being active in work
Human Trafficking Leadership Academy, Class 4, August 2019
"A survivor-informed practice acknowledges the unique perspectives of survivors with relevant expertise based on knowledge of their trafficking experiences and challenges they have faced in their efforts to regain and rebuild their lives." –-Human Trafficking Leadership Academy, 2017 
The National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center (NHTTAC) works with individuals with lived experience who are thought leaders and subject matter experts to inform and strengthen our collective response to human trafficking.   

Survivor Leadership

Survivor leaders have unique perspectives and relevant expertise that are critical to the success and impact of our training and technical assistance efforts. All our work is developed in partnership with a diverse group of survivor leaders. Together, we work to:

  • Develop and review materials such as toolkits, protocols, and training resources
  • Deliver trauma-informed trainings at local, regional, and national events and conferences
  • Bring survivor perspective and expertise into everything we do

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Survivors play uniquely important roles in combating human trafficking effectively in the U.S. and around the world. As subject matter experts, they provide essential tools that investigators, prosecutors, and communities need to combat and prevent human trafficking.” —United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking Annual Report 2017

Become a Survivor-Informed Agency

Survivor-informed agencies are dedicated to offering trauma-informed, person-centered services. We believe that anti-trafficking efforts can only be successful when diverse professionals are involved—especially survivor leaders. That’s because this approach allows organizations and communities to better serve clients, craft programs, identify challenges and opportunities, and achieve agency missions and mandates. 

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Opportunities for Survivor Leaders

We provide survivor leaders with professional development, leadership training, and networking through scholarships, fellowships, information, and referrals to additional resources. If you are a survivor of human trafficking and would like to learn more about these opportunities, contact or sign up for our mailing list.


NHTTAC partners with survivors of human trafficking to develop and deliver technical assistance.



Email us to find out about  professional development & organizational professional development scholarships for people who work with individuals who have experienced trafficking or who are at risk of experiencing trafficking.


Human Trafficking Leadership Academy

NHTTAC provides leadership development opportunities to survivor leaders and allied professionals.