Technical Assistance

NHTTAC delivers training and technical assistance with a public health approach to professionals and community-based programs that serve individuals who are at risk of trafficking or who are currently experiencing trafficking.

 NHTTAC training is:

  • Tailored to each target audience’s needs and timeframes
  • Region-specific to address the human trafficking patterns of a particular area
  • Varied in format, including in-person workshops, online webinars, individual consultation and coaching, or supplemental resources
  • Survivor informed, interactive, and collaborative
  • Free

Customized Plan for Your Organization

Step 1

Provide information about your organization’s technical assistance needs.


Online Form
Step 2

We will contact you within 2 business days to learn more about your organization’s technical assistance needs.

Step 3

We will develop a technical assistance plan based on your organization’s needs and submit it to OTIP for approval. Once approved, NHTTAC will assign a consultant. This step typically takes 4–6 weeks.

Step 4

The assigned NHTTAC consultant will work with you to develop and deliver the technical assistance. This step typically takes 6–8 weeks.


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Eligible Recipients

We provide training and technical assistance to a variety of organizations and professionals.